March 17th, 2014



I slept the first half of the day away, and then decided to eat dinner early and save lunch for a late night snack. Maybe that will help reset my sleep schedule, but exactly how it will turn out I don't know. I'm still lacking in energy, and increasingly suspect early pollen as the culprit. One of the big shrubs in the front yard is blooming furiously, the plethora of tiny white flowers almost obscuring the green leaves. The other bushes won't long delay their flowering, I'm sure.

Weeds are poking through the gravel in the back half of the back yard, and will soon be adding their bit to the air. I'm inundated with sidestream plant spooge. Bees should be gathering this stuff up, but I see none. The season is disarranged. A possibility of rain later this week has steadily been reduced, and now is gone. There will be nothing to wash the air. The nights are still expected to be chilly despite the mild days. I feel like sleeping again, but it's too soon. I'd make some tea, but that would probably keep me awake too late.

It's a good thing I've laid in a fresh supply of tissues. I'm sneezing a lot. Sneeziest St. Patrick's Day ever.