March 14th, 2014



Thursday the 13th turned unlucky. I fell asleep on the couch, way too early, and woke up just after three o'clock in the morning. In my sleep I must have done something to my right shoulder, because it is aching. I suppose that might have happened on the 14th, but if I hadn't gone to sleep on the couch on the 13th it probably wouldn't have happened. And I never got around to posting an entry yesterday, either.

Of course the sore shoulder might be the result of the cleaning of the kitchen floor yesterday afternoon. There is along rug under the counter in front of the sink, the purpose of which is to prevent breakable things from breaking when I drop them on the floor while washing dishes (this happens. I'm klutzy when handling wet dishes.) I hadn't cleaned the floor under the rug for ages, so yesterday I pulled it up and scrubbed the floor, then took the rug outside to beat it while the floor dried. As my mop handle went missing years ago and I've never gotten around to replacing it, the floor scrubbing is something I do by hand, and while I hold the sponge in my right hand I have to do a lot of leaning on my right hand, and that might have been what strained my shoulder.

Anyway, it was a crappy day but at least the floor under the rug is now clean. Cleanish, in any case. My knees started to give out before I could do the second scrubbing which removes any residue left by dirty water from the first scrubbing, so I didn't do it. I used to be able to do things like that, but not any more. I guess I'll have to get serious about replacing that missing mop handle. It's hard to believe that, when I was a kid, one of my routine jobs was to wax about 150 square feet of linoleum in our kitchen and den with Johnson's paste wax about once a month, and I enjoyed doing it. Actually, I would probably still enjoy crawling around on the floor doing such things, if my joints were still as flexible as they were then. I'd need to get some knee pads, though.


The moon is nearly full, the sky is clear, the night is not too cold, with only occasional soft breezes, and I just spent fifteen minutes watching the reflection of the moon shimmering in the feral cats' water bowl. I can be so easily entertained in my nearly old age.