March 11th, 2014

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Today I got my neck tuneup, so I'll be well adjusted for a while. After that I stopped at a couple of stores, but they were still out of most of the things they didn't have on Sunday. At least I got a big jar of dill pickles. I mean big. It's 80 ounces, and has about fourteen or fifteen large pickles in it. They are much cheaper in the giant jar ($2.99) and they keep pretty well, since that is the function of pickling.

Sadly, I found that the store where I buy the big jars of things no longer stocks the big jars of green olives I buy, and I know of nowhere else that has them, so I'll be paying more for that particular item in the future. That means I'll buy fewer of them. They still have big jars of green olives, but they are the ones with garlic cloves in them, and I like the traditional ones with pimento.

It's going to be getting much warmer now that the storms have passed through. Later this week there will be days in the seventies. It will be nice to have the windows open a few hours a day, but I'm going to miss the rain. The plants will probably miss it more, because I won't be doing much irrigating this year. The reservoirs are too low. So I will miss the rain, and the plants will miss the rain, and then eventually I will miss the plants because they'll all end up dead and withered. So it goes.