March 8th, 2014

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


A balmy afternoon turned suddenly chilly when the thin clouds that had hovered about all day grew dense. I had to rush to close my windows, but it is a promising sign for tomorrow even though the forecast has reduced the chance of Sunday rain to a mere 40% (Monday still has an 80% chance predicted.) There are a lot of frogs croaking tonight. I'll take that as a good sign, too.

But tonight the clocks must be put forward. I have only two functioning clocks that have to be adjusted by hand anymore, so the task is easy this year. The computer and cable box clocks change themselves. I'm not worried about what the time change is going to do to my sleep schedule, because that is already so screwed up that the disruption probably won't even be discernible. I'll be happy to have that extra hour of light after getting home from shopping, anyway.

I actually enjoy the semi-annual ritual of changing the clocks. It makes me feel so accomplished when I actually remember to do it. I'll always have to keep at least one clock that has to be changed by hand. If they all changed automatically I probably wouldn't even notice that it had happened until I missed something on television because I was going by the light in the sky to tell when to turn it on.

Now I'm so pumped up that I can hardly wait until fall so I can change the clocks back again. Oh, I'm just having too much fun.