February 23rd, 2014

caillebotte_man at his window


Those small birds were here again this morning. The twittering was loud and continuous for almost an hour, and then they gradually calmed themselves and most flew away. A few remained much of the day, chirping now and then. I think I know what is going on. My neighborhood has become the avian equivalent of a singles bar. Birds are hooking up, right in front of me! Right in front of my feral cats! Why they've chosen this particular location I don't know. I've never seen this happen before— but then I've seldom been awake at that early hour of the morning, so maybe this has been going on for years and I've just never discovered what was happening.

What else is happening is that my oak tree is getting its new leaves already. A late winter cold spell could devastate them, and leave my back yard with diminished shade all summer. So far the walnut tree is showing more sense. Its bare twigs sport nothing but those randy birds. Beyond my back fence a couple of other oaks are still clinging to a good-sized collection of deal leaves from last year. It makes for an odd scene, with my spring-besotted tree turning pale green while the others are still dowdy in autumnal brown.

My shopping is done for the week, and I was delighted to find an unexpected bargain on an excellent beer. There was also a bargain on donuts, but as I could only afford one of these bargains I chose the beer. The donuts would have gone stale soon, but that beer will be fresh for weeks. The bargain donuts came in packages of fourteen, anyway, and I'd have made myself sick trying to down them all before they became so stale as to be inedible (which is about three days for donuts.) I'll surely think about them while drinking my beer, though.

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