February 18th, 2014

gericault_the raft of the medusa 2


I write about trivial personal events and local weather. How on earth did I ever get to be "3,473 place in User ratings" on this site? That's what it says on my profile page. If my pointless maundering can reach that high in the ratings, LJ must truly be drawing very near the back end of the Internet's beyond. How is it staying afloat? How much longer can it stay afloat? Every day when I log in I expect to see a notice reading something like: "Sorry. LiveJournal has been canceled due to lack of interest."

It seems everybody has gone somewhere else. What I can't understand is why those other places have so much appeal. Twitter is all fragments and short attention spans. Facebook is ugly, clunky, cliquish, and lacking flexibility (the high school cafeteria of social networks.) Tumblr I just find confusing (though I suspect that a great deal of its popularity stems from the fact that it probably has more endlessly scrolling pages of visual porn than the rest of the Internets combined.) The various LiveJournal clone sites are just clone sites, so why bother, unless one fears our Russian Overlords? (I don't. Could they be any scarier than Wicked Stepmother was? I think not.) And Blogger? Blahger.

So I look around the Internets and wonder what the hell happened? I feel as though I'd checked into a room at the Fairmont in San Francisco, then woke up the next morning to look out the window and see an abandoned swath of Toledo. 3,473? For a weather report from nowhere? That's just pathetic.