February 17th, 2014


Near Miss

There was an infestation of birds this morning. I stepped out the back door into a cacophony of chirps. There must have been hundreds of these small avians in the neighborhood, and it sounded as though they were all chattering at once. None landed on my lawns, and only a few in my trees, but I saw dozens flying about the back yard of the house on the corner, and more over the back fence. A few would take off and fly to a yard up the block, than a moment later a few more, and meantime more would be arriving from the south. The parade continued most of the morning, and even in early afternoon I could hear many of them still passing by. I have no idea what species they were, but whatever it is they must be thriving.

The remainder of the day was a bit anticlimactic. I got the fresh kitty litter this afternoon, but will put off buying the lunch beer until next week. I have a surplus of diary products so will substitute chocolate milk two days, and I am also ahead on dinner beer so I can have that a couple of times, even though it is more expensive than the usual lunch beer. Must remember next week though. And, speaking of forgetful, I forgot to notify the telephone company about the drooping cable again today, but as the upcoming storms have been canceled the task is less urgent than it was. I fear I'll have to write a note to myself, and notes to myself always make me feel age creeping up.

The feral cats were all unusually hungry this evening. I'd have thought they'd have caught at least a few of those birds and would want less food than usual, but apparently the birds were too swift for them. Maybe the cats worked up an appetite fruitlessly chasing them.

Oooh, asteroid! Too bad I didn't check the weather earlier. I could have watched the live feed of it. The fact that I'm still here means I didn't get hit by it, though, and that's encouraging. Especially since I just bought all that kitty litter, and it would have been tragic had Earth been struck by an asteroid and destroyed before the cats could use it up.