February 16th, 2014

caillebotte_man at his window


Last night's rain amounted to nothing, and today's rain was canceled. The delay of my shopping trip was canceled, too, but it started an hour late and the disruption was enough to make me forget a very important item: my lunch beer! I have dinner beer, but only three cans of lunch beer remain for the entire week. Also, because I got to the store late the kitty litter that was on sale was sold out. Because enough litter remains for only two days, I must go back to the store tomorrow or Tuesday, which is the last day of the sale. I might as well have just stuck to the original altered plan and not gone shopping today.


The next ten days are not only going to be dryer than expected (rain has been canceled for all but one day, and that day's chance of rain is slim) but warmer as well. Azaleas have already begun blooming, and they are going to be demanding water. I'll be spending more of the lengthening evenings irrigating plants with rare and expensive water, and then this summer they will probably all have to die anyway. We haven't received any official notifications to conserve water yet, but I expect one to accompany this months bill. There will probably be a notification of increased rates, too. I anticipate neither with relish.

Speaking of relish, I did remember to buy some today. Had I remembered to buy the lunch beer I would not have bought the relish, as there would not have been enough money for it. Neither would I have bought to tub of spreadable butter, or the two artichokes, or the red grapefruit. But there appeared to be extra money, so I spent some of it. Now I realize there wasn't any extra, and I'll have to dip into the change box and roll some of the coins coins in it to get enough for the beer. Un-disruptions to my schedule are as annoying as disruptions.

I do intend to enjoy the upcoming mild weather as much as possible, though. Mildness is apt to be rare this summer, and I'll have to pay for what I get now with increased discomfort then. I don't want to waste the mild days, so I'll probably be spending less time with the Internets and the television and more with the outdoors. The mildestness doesn't begin until Thursday, though, so I have a few days to stay in yet. Then premature spring will be upon us, for a week at least. Spring before February ends! I feel like mourning the winter that hasn't been.

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