February 12th, 2014

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Is Kentucky Gone Yet?

This is bizarre. I've heard of sinkholes swallowing building before, but never of a sinkhole inside a building.

It makes what people have been calling a sinkhole here look puny. Actually, that thing would look puny anyway, and it isn't even a real sinkhole— just a bit of roadside erosion from the recent storm.

The clouds which decorated the sky today didn't bring any more rain, though they were supposed to bring a 60% chance. The chances are supposed to be lower tomorrow and Friday, so I'm guessing they will be dry too. We probably won't get more rain until Saturday, at the earliest. That will give the insulation in my attic a chance to dry out a bit. I finally began smelling its wetness yesterday, after the rain had stopped. I don't know how sopping it is, but at least my ceiling hasn't collapsed yet.

The computer has been slow and cloggy all day. I don't know what is causing that, other than old age. That's the reason I'm slow and cloggy myself, and between me and the computer I got very little done. I didn't even get around to visiting the supermarket web sites and getting started on next Sunday's shopping list. I might do that now. If I put it off until later I might fall asleep before I get it done.

Speaking of falling asleep, when I do I hope I don't dream of giant sinkholes.

Oh, and RIP Shirley Temple Black and Sid Caesar. My mom always thought celebrities died in threes. Be very careful, Betty White!