February 11th, 2014

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


This afternoon I had my belated neck adjustment. I'm hoping it will rid me of the annoying, low-grade headache I had for a couple of days. It does seem to have had some effect, though a brief nap I had on returning home might have helped. Maybe the headache was brought on by the sudden onslaught of sunshine after so many days of overcast and rain. Well, the overcast should return soon enough. The clouds are already thickening tonight, giving the nearly-full moon something to illuminate. I'll probably spend some time watching the sky and listening to the frogs, who are in full chorus again tonight.

The lacy patterns of the bare oak twigs and branches are clearly visible against the bright glow of the sky. They won't be bare much longer. The trees are already putting out buds. Unless it turns much colder again, there should be a crop of leaves by early March. If it does turn cold, the leaves could be damaged. If that happens, then I suspect we'll sorely miss the missing leaves next summer, which is more likely than not to be torrid.

So far, February has brought more than two thirds of the rain that has fallen since the beginning of July (the season is measured from July 1 to June 30.) The recent storm put about ten inches on the town in just a few days. The storms coming up are not apt to be anywhere near as intense, but with luck we could get another three or four inches this month. It won't end the drought, but at least the landscape will be lush and green for a few weeks.

The neck adjustment has left me tired, and I expect that I'll fall asleep in front of the television again tonight. I might as well go and see of that will happen now.