February 6th, 2014



It has rained more often than not since eleven o'clock last night, and though it is mostly slow rain it has still given everything a good soaking. Right now the clouds are sitting close to the ground, so it is a bit foggy. There might be some thick fog later, if and when the rain eases up, and I hope I stay awake to see it, but I only got about four hours of sleep last night and no naps today so I'm probably going to nod off in a couple of hours.

The storms that start coming in tomorrow are still expected to be more intense than this one. My ceiling is not dripping yet, and I still don't smell the wet newspaper smell that would indicate that the insulation is getting soaked. This rain might have been too light to bring much roof leakage. The next three days will be the danger zone.

The house always seems chillier when the air is damp. I've had to keep the thermostat no lower than 66 degrees, and the furnace runs frequently, so my estimate of February's utility bill keeps going up. As the bill for January was lower than I expected I'll be in decent shape as long as the cold doesn't linger into March, even if February turns out to be costly. It still doesn't look like there'll be any snow from these storms, though, so maybe I'll be lucky. Still, snow would be better for the roof than rain. Snow doesn't leak into the house until it starts melting, and then it leaks pretty slowly.

Now I'm going to go out and look at the fog, such as it is, for a while. It makes up for not being able to see the moon or any stars.