February 5th, 2014



So far the prediction of a 70% chance of rain has failed to come to anything. There was sunshine most of the day, but tonight the clouds are growing a bit thicker, so it might rain later. If not, there is that 80% chance tomorrow, and the 100% chances on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It certainly smells like there is a storm coming tonight, but the anticipation is maddening. Hurry up, rain!

Oh, this is what the report says:
"Timing and strength: a series of impulses will bring periods of moderate to heavy rainfall across interior northern California. The first wave should arrive Friday, with successive waves continuing through Sunday. Current forecasts suggest that 2 to 4 inches of rain will be possible across parts of the Sacramento and northern San Joaquin valleys. Between 4 to 8 inches of liquid equivalent rainfall will be possible over the mountains."
Sounds promising. Considering the state of my roof, it even sounds a bit threatening.

Averaging the two to four inches in the valley with the four to eight inches in the mountains, here on the piedmont we could get from three to six inches in three days. That would be quite impressive, even though it wouldn't make up for what we haven't had so far this year. We could get thoroughly soaked and still be in a drought. It would takes lots of rain (and plenty of snow in the higher mountain regions) to get those reservoirs refilled.

As the rainy season often extends into March, and even April some years, A serious dent could still be made in the shortfall, though. The sooner is comes, the better, because snow provides a better water supply than rain, and the sooner the storms come the colder they are apt to be. Ten of fifteen feet of snow on the peaks by the end of February would be splendid, but I won't hold my breath. We'd be lucky to get even two or three feet.

I was thinking about buying some overpriced asparagus this Sunday, just in case the drought was soon going to make it vanish from the stores altogether. Now I think maybe I'll wait. If we get enough rain the price might come down a bit in a few weeks. If this storm is a fizzle, though, I'll go ahead with my original plan. I'm really going to miss asparagus if expensive water turns it into a permanent luxury item.