February 4th, 2014



Wednesday's 20% chance of rain has been canceled, as has Thursday's 70% chance of snow, but the chance of rain is still 50% or higher for seven of the next ten days, and 100% for Saturday and Sunday. Thursday still has a 70% chance of rain, but it isn't going to be as cold as expected. Last night was not as cold as expected either. The feral cats' water bowls didn't freeze, and probably won't freeze tonight, or anytime in the next ten days. I didn't have to wrap rags around the faucet on the back porch after all.

And while some rain is just about a certainty, there's no telling how much there will be. It could be more mere drizzle or occasional sprinkles, but there's always the possibility of a good downpour or two. That's what I miss most, despite the threat to my still un-repaired roof. I like to listen to rain, and drizzles and sprinkles just don't get loud enough.

My neck has been complaining about not getting to go to the chiropractor today. Sitting at the computer for any length of time displeases it, as does lying down for too long. I probably can't count on any long periods of sleep for the next week. Neck pain will keep waking me up after three or four hours.

I was going to cook something substantial for dinner tonight, but the computer was acting up and didn't leave me enough time. There were microwaved burritos instead. Another thing to wake me up every three or four hours. Well, if my neck is going to hurt I might as well have indigestion too. Misery loves company, they say, so neck and stomach can commiserate with one another.