January 6th, 2014



A nice overcast kept the glare out of my eyes most of the morning. What happened in the afternoon I don't know, as the overcast also kept the day chilly, and I had not gotten enough sleep last night, around noon I curled up in a blanket and took a nap on the couch. The nap stretched beyond four hours, and it was evening by the time I woke up. It was gray then, so I suppose it was probably gray all afternoon. Tomorrow will be cooler still, but the overcast is not expected to bring any rain. The soonest rain is likely is next Saturday. I hope I don't sleep through that.

One of the feral cats was playing with a cricket on the back porch. I have no idea where a cricket came from this time of year. I certainly haven't heard any chirping. I guess they only chirp during mating season, but are around all year. It was a pretty small cricket, and I felt bad that the cat had it, but there was no point in trying to take it away. Even had I been able to catch it, there was nowhere to put it outdoors that the cat would not have found it again, and if I took it into the house then Portia would probably have found it and it would have ended up in the same fix.

Tomorrow afternoon I get to have my head yanked by the chiropractor, and not a day too soon. My neck has been catching almost every time I lie down. My neck is a pain in the neck.

Tonight the wheelie bins go out. Two of them stuffed with leaves are already out, but I must remember to take the one with the trash out before it gets too late. Those things make a terrible racket rolling down the driveway, and I don't want to disturb the neighbors after they've gone to sleep.

I don't think I'll be seeing Orion tonight, but there might be a glow in the clouds to mark the moon's location. It's very still this evening, which is a nice change from the recent breezy nights— though I enjoyed those very much, too. I wish the clouds would settle and make a fog. It's been a long time since we've had fog. I miss it.