rejectomorph (flying_blind) wrote,

The Hotness

Summer is a hell of a time to find myself craving baked macaroni and cheese. If I had an outdoor oven I'd make some, but there's no way I'm heating up my kitchen for a whim. I'll probably end up making the stovetop kind. I could melt extra cheese over it in the microwave, but there it never gets that nice crust the real oven gives it.

Just like last year, I keep forgetting to water the front yard until too late. Once full dark has arrived I can't really see to water out there, even with the porch light on since the big bush near the door casts everything else into shadow. Fiddling with a flashlight just doesn't work, and besides I still haven't found my missing pack of batteries, so I have to conserve the pair that are in the flashlight already.

And speaking of stupid, when I went around the house shutting windows after it started getting hot this morning I forgot to close the window in the bathroom. When I discovered later that it was still open the cat had claimed it, and I didn't want to disturb her, she was enjoying her perch on the sill so much.

But the real stupid came later, when the evening cooled off and I reopened the windows. My brain flaked during this task, and I just discovered that when I got to the bathroom window which was still open, I closed it! It's been closed for the last three hours. If the cat had still been in it when I was opening them I wouldn't have closed it. I just can't rely on that cat to help me out.

Shopping has been arranged for tomorrow. The next several days are going to be about equally hot, so I might as well get it over with. Oh, and there was a small brush fire in a rugged canyon a couple of miles out of town this afternoon. I couldn't see the smoke, nor smell it, the wind blowing the other way, but I heard the tanker planes and the helicopter they had working on it. It was only one acre at the time. If it's still burning tonight I ought to get an occasional whiff of it once the wind turns 'round, as it does this time of night. Of course I'm hoping it's out, though. We shall see. Or smell, anyway.

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