December 12th, 2013

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


I figured out what went wrong with my copy of Opera. Cookies had been disabled. I don't know why I hadn't thought of that before. They are now re-enabled, and I can go back to sort of normal. I'm going to miss Firefox text search, but it's worth losing that to have Opera Notes back. Plus quick logins. Plus Speed Dial. Plus a faster browser overall. Plus quick e-mail notifications. Of course what I'd really like is enough RAM to have both of them fired up at the same time, as I used to back in the olden times (2010 or so.)

But I've decided to keep Thunderbird as my default e-mail client, as neither at&t or g-mail plays nice with the Opera e-mail client. at&t delivers incoming mail to, but won't send outgoing mail from Opera. But I can fire up Thunderbird when I want to send something, then shut the vast RAM-hog down when I'm done. It will take forever, of course, but at least I'll be connected (sort of) again.