December 10th, 2013

caillebotte_man at his window


This afternoon the snow began to melt, and the downspouts have been trickling ever since. It is trickling slowly now, as the evening has grown colder, but there should be no freeze tonight and the water might continue to trickle all night. One of the feral cats has been drinking the snow melt where it pools below the downspout, even though there is a perfectly good bowl of fresh water on the back porch. Cats are odd.

Tonight the snow is not as bright as it was last night, as clouds have formed and are hiding the moon, but even the diffused moonlight is enough to lend the ground a pale glow. The clouds will help the earth hold the little warmth the day brought. Tomorrow will be cool again, but sunny. I am looking forward to the weekend, when it could be so mild that, for December, the days will qualify as balmy. I just hope that the forecast doesn't change.

I got my neck adjusted today, so I'm not going to let the computer get some rest. I've found that it's best not to sit in one spot very long for several hours after an adjustment. It's much easier to get up and walk about while watching television than while dealing with a computer. But first, dinner.