December 5th, 2013


Big Chill Day Two

Snow is now definitely scheduled for Friday night, and likely to continue on Saturday. Tonight it will drop into the mid-twenties, and tomorrow will be colder than today was, but tomorrow night could be a bit warmer than tonight will be thanks to the snow— a mere thirty degrees. Then Saturday night it will drop into the teens. The teens! I don't remember it being that cold since I came here in 1986! We probably won't see highs above forty until next Monday, and the nights will remain in the twenties for more than a week. My arse will have frozen off long before this is over. I hope feral cats are hardier than brass monkeys. I hope I'm hardier than a brass money.

I'm not sure what will happen to the utility lines in so intense a freeze, which is rare for this place. I might not have power, and I might not have Internet, so if I vanish just send out a party of Minnesotans to look for my frozen corpse. They'll probably enjoy it (the temperatures that will be mild compared to what they are used to, not my frozen corpse.) I think I'm going to close up the room the computer is in anyway, to save a bit on gas. No point in heating more of the house than I absolutely have to. I already expect this month's power bill to be three digits, and I'd like to keep it as low as possible.

This place is not supposed to get this cold!