November 28th, 2013



A moment of silence for all the turkeys....

Personally, I prefer ham, but I didn't eat either of those things today. The beans were good, though. I added a bit of tabasco to counteract the chilly weather. I might regret that later. I could end up shivering on the outside and burning on the inside.

Venus appeared in the sky very early this evening, while the clouds were still bright with light from the sun which had only recently set. I watched Venus and listened to the ducks who were flying by, but I didn't see any of the ducks. They might have been invisible ducks, I suppose. I was disappointed not to get a glimpse of them, but their quacking was enjoyable anyway.

Didn't hear any geese, though. I wonder if they got eaten, too?

I need to go lay on the floor to get a kink out of my back now. So glad I don't have to shop tomorrow.