November 26th, 2013


Now and Then

After feeling better for a few days I'm once again getting that feeling that I'm coming down with something. My mouth keeps watering, and I'm craving a hamburger like the one I had when I was coming down with a cold about fifty years ago, but the place I got that hamburger was in Los Angeles, and hasn't existed for along time. There's no place to get such a hamburger around here. I might fry a couple of potatoes though. They won't be french fries, but it's the best I can do.

It doesn't help that the house is cold and likely to remain so for quit some time. The weather forecast is now predicting a 70% chance of snow next Tuesday. That's far enough off that there's a good chance the forecast will change before then, but whether the chance of snow declines or vanishes or increases is anybody's guess. My guess is that it will increase. I've just had that feeling lately. I need to get the heater in the den fixed before then. Snow often brings power outages and the heater is my only backup if I can't use the central heat.

I keep wishing it was still October. I had plans for October but there was too much going on so I didn't get around to them. The present has been interfering with the past. Maybe that's why I feel as though I'm coming down with something. The past asserts itself when I'm sick. Maybe it's trying to break through however it can, because I haven't been giving it its due. Oh, the nostalgia for nostalgia!