November 23rd, 2013

gericault_the raft of the medusa 2


I can't get a single YouTube video to play all the way through. I don't know if it's their problem or something to do with my computer. There were things I wanted to watch because I'm suffering the fit of nostalgia that comes over me when I feel as though I'm coming down with something. It might be a cold, it might be the flu, or it might be nothing, but whatever it is it makes me want to listen to music from ages ago.

It could be that I just inhaled too much crap when I was raking the walnut leaves and pine needles from the back lawn today. I didn't intend to get them all removed, but I got carried away. The mass smelled pretty good when it was being raked, but there's no telling what potent allergens might have been in it.

The pine needles were the biggest part of todays' raking. There have been strong breezes and some gusty winds since late last night, and the pine were made to shed copious amounts of needles. There was no room in the wheelie bins for them, so I just heaped them in the far back yard, atop the piles from several days ago. If I could burn them they'd make quite a bonfire, but we don't do that anymore. Now they go to a facility where they get burned to make electricity. It's just as well. This town used to get quite a bit smokier in the fall when burning leaves augmented the fireplaces and wood stoves. I can do without the extra smoke— especially if it turns out tat I am< coming down with something.

If I do come down with something I won't be able to go shopping tomorrow, or probably for several days thereafter. I don't have any ramen on hand, either. That's usually what I eat when I have an illness. I suppose I could have someone pick some up for me. Plus a bag of cat food, of course. The cats mus be watered and fed even if I'm on my deathbed. There's nobody else to do it.

Too bad it's going to be so cold tonight. I'll have to keep the furnace on, and I really hate the furnace when I have any sort of respiratory condition. So far I'm not sneezing much, but the watering nose is annoying as hell. I think I'll go open my fresh bottle of orange juice. Maybe it will help. If not, I might be scarce for a few days. I tend to sleep a lot when I'm sick.