November 20th, 2013

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


I had forgotten how slow my Internet connection can get when the rain dampens my telephone box. But something else is slowing me down today too. I think the computer took a power surge last night. I fell asleep with it on, but it was off this morning, and the digital clock on the oven was flashing 12:00, which it only does if there has been a power outage. It must have happened while I was asleep. I didn't see the computer do a disc check when I turned it on today because I left the room and got involved doing something else for fifteen minutes or so, but I suspect that it did. The machine was already getting a bit clunky in its old age, but now it's worse. Windows does its usual maintenance on Wednesday nights, though, so maybe it will be better after that.

The last of this storm's rain will probably fall tonight, and I haven't seen any serious leakage from the ceiling in my room. Disaster has been averted for now. There shouldn't be any more rain until late next week. I doubt that the roof will get fixed in that time. I'm pretty much resigned to the idea that someday my ceiling will fall and my stiff will get soaked. There have been other emergency expenses and roof repair just isn't in the budget. Maybe I should get a can of that spray stuff that's supposed to seal any leaks in anything. But I'd have to find the source of the leak first, and I don't see myself crawling around in the attic looking for it. twenty years ago I'd have been flexible enough to do that sort of thing, but no longer.

Well, it's time to start thinking about which television show I'm going to fall asleep watching tonight. Seeing the ends of shows is another thing I seldom do anymore. It almost makes me glad that most of what I watch is reruns, and I frequently remember the end halfway through. Maybe that's what puts me to sleep.

Uh oh. Yawned. If I fall asleep at the keyboard I'm apt to fall off the chair. Couch time.