November 19th, 2013


Watered Down

It has been raining off and on since late last night. All the downspouts appear to be working, and the gutters are not overflowing. So far I don't see any drips accumulating on the ceiling stain where the roof leaked last year, but its early yet. The insulation could be soaking it all up. If the drywall collapses into the room I'll know that the leak is still going.

It's nice to hear rain again. I didn't realize how much I'd missed it. So far it's been pretty slow, so I have to go outside to listen to it, or at least crack a window. I wouldn't mind a downpour or two, just so I can hear it splattering on the roof, but it would be best if it didn't last too long. I don't want that soggy drywall falling on my head.

The rain will continue tomorrow, and there might even be thunderstorms tomorrow night, but Thursday is going to be strange. The high temperature will be in the morning before the clouds dissipate, and once the sky clears it will get colder instead of warmer through the day. I've always found that to be a disturbing experience, and I'm glad it's rare. I hope it stays rare.

There's pumpkin pie and whipped topping for desert this week. I wish I'd bought some apple cider to heat up to go with it. I guess I'll settle for decaf.