November 18th, 2013


Waiting for the Rain

The leaves in the back yard have been dealt with. Some I have stuffed into the wheelie bins (which don't go out until next week) and the rest I have heaped in the back back yard, where they are concealed from my view by the jasmine hedge. The back back yard remains entirely un-raked. All the leaves there will have to be slowly discarded over the next couple of months.

The oak still has some leaves clinging to it, as well, as does the walnut tree. With vegetation picked up every other week, I suspect that it will take me well into January to get rid of all of them, unless I go back to doing some composting with some of them. But I don't really have the energy for composting anymore, and as I have to pay for the vegetation pickup whether I use it or not I might as well use it.

Of course, the front yard still has to collect the greater part of the mulberry leaves, which are still clinging to the tree, so that will be another month or so. All the leaves should be gone by the end of February. The new crop will probably begin sprouting in March, but they won't have to be raked until next October, so I should get seven months during which I won't have to do any serious raking. Those trees are lucky that I really need their shade in the summer, or they'd be firewood this winter.

The rain has not begun yet, but it should arrive later tonight. It could continue through Wednesday, and there will probably be more than an inch of it altogether. I'm a bit worried about it as the roof on this end of the house still hasn't been patched, and the leak has probably gotten worse since last year. I might have to move the computer into the back room, and that would be an enormous hassle. Drenched electronics would be worse, though. I'm so tired of this house. It's even more worn out than I am.

Now I have to put out the wheelie bin for the regular trash before I forget, and before the rain begins. Maybe I'll get a nice view of moonlit clouds as a reward for taking the bin out. The recycling can wait another two weeks. There isn't that much.