November 16th, 2013


Chiller Still

Another chilly night has fallen. I still haven't finished raking the walnut leaves, and I ought to do it soon. The next chance of rain is Monday afternoon, and the chances increase Monday evening and Tuesday. I could end up with a load of soggy leaves and days to cold for them to dry out. The mulberry leaves in the front yard are now thickly strewn as well, but they'll just have to wait. I'm not up to raking two lawns. Mulberry leaves are pretty soggy to begin with, so getting wet won't make them that much worse.

Tonight I absolutely intend to make something in the oven, probably macaroni and cheese. My lack of energy recently has left me eating out of cans and the microwave, and that in turn is probably helping to keep my energy low. But the cold night is making me crave a properly cooked meal enough that I can probably get my act together long enough to make one.

Not long after sunset I heard coyotes yipping and howling in the orchard at the end of the block. The commotion lasted less than a minute. I hope none of my feral cats were down there.