November 15th, 2013


Big Chill

Nights are getting very chilly. When I return indoors after being outside to listen to leaves fall or make sure the moon is moving properly in its orbit, I need a cat on my lap to warm my legs up again. I could use a pair of kittens as ear muffs, too, but they are not available. The next week is going to be colder, and nights could be dropping into the thirties for the first time this year. The days will not warm up enough to allow me to let fresh air into the house.

My November gas bill was more this year than it was last year. It looks as though this could turn out to be a very cold winter, which means a very costly winter or a very uncomfortable winter. There's not much that could be cut from the budget to allow me to run the furnace more, so uncomfortable is the more likely consequence. I envy the birds I hear flying south.