November 9th, 2013


Long Week

All predictions of rain for the next week but one have been canceled. Tuesday still has a 20% chance. Again, I'm not counting on it. If the rest of autumn remains this dry I'll be very disappointed. If the heavy rain merely holds off until the trees stop dropping stuff into the roof gutters, that will be okay. But I definitely want some serious rain by early December. If it's not very cold rain, that will be a bonus, but I'll take what I can get.

My energy is very low tonight, probably because I haven't been eating (or sleeping) well for the last several days. I won't be eating very well tonight, either, but it can't be helped. At least there will be enough of it, even if it is somewhat greasy and very starchy. Must remember to buy more vegetables for next week, and then must remember to eat them. Tonight I have to count salsa as a vegetable.

Later: There I go forgetting to finish an entry again. The greasy, starchy dinner with salsa is over, and was not too bad. There was a bit of crunch in it, too, so I'll count it the best meal of the week— though mow that I think of it, that's pretty sad. I hope it helps me sleep better, at least. First, I'm going to go out and look at the almost-half moon. The last leaf pile in the back yard was removed today, but more leaves have fallen since then, even though the air is still. I'll probably hear more of them fall while I'm out there. Maybe that will help me sleep, too.