November 1st, 2013


Hello, Extra Blankets

We've had a couple more mild days, and I was able to leave the windows open for a few hours, but tomorrow (actually tonight) the cold returns, and there could even be some rain by afternoon. It's about to get very Novembery, and no more mild weather is in sight. I guess I'll have to adjust to the idea that I won't get really warm again until March or April, unless another mild spell turns up. Those are very rare, though, so its probably furnace air for me until spring.

Tomorrow night the clocks get turned back, and night will fall soon after five o'clock in the evening. The moon is already a thin, waning crescent, so it will not rise until after five o'clock in the morning, and is apt to be hidden by clouds anyway. Saturday night will be a dark and (perhaps) stormy night. The poor feral cats will not be pleased.

I haven't gotten around to putting the raked leaves into the bin, so the piles are apt to get wet if I don't do it tomorrow. They already got wet once. I might have to go shopping a day early, too, which means I'd have to get up pretty early in the morning to deal with the leaves. There might not be enough sunlight to dry them out for the next week. Maybe they won't get dried out all month. Maybe they will turn to mush where they sit before I ever deal with them.

Oh, now I've depressed myself. I guess I'll go eat something. I need to layer on some fat before full winter arrives anyway.