October 28th, 2013


Gray Sky, Hot Oven

There was rain last night, and even a bit of thunder, but today remained dry though gray and chilly. The piles of leaves I raked on Saturday and Sunday but never got into the wheelie bins ended up soggy, so I'll wait to dispose of them until after they have had a chance to dry a bit. There should be some sunlight later in the week, though it will still be chilly. Tomorrow is trash day, though, and it's yard waste week, so I'll end up having those leaves around for two weeks. Bad planning on my part, to be sure, as there are bound to be more leaves but the bins will be full long before the next pickup. I probably won't catch up all autumn.

I'm happy to be able to use my oven again. Right now I've got a sweet potato baking for dinner— my first sweet potato in months. I will put so much butter on it! I've missed sweet potatoes during the hot months when I didn't want to run the oven.

In fact I think the potato is almost done, so I'm going to go eat it now. It would be a shame to overcook the first sweet potato of the season.