October 23rd, 2013

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

The Buzz

It's been a lawn day. Not my lawn, but various neighbors all took it into their heads to mow and blow this afternoon. The last couple of hours have been one long drone of mowers, leaf blowers, and weed whackers. There was a brief instance of a powered hedge trimmer, too. I guess if they all get it over with at once I won't have to hear the racket again for a while, but it's been a trying time— as in trying to concentrate but being unable to do so because of the noise. The only benefit I've gotten from all that suburban activity is the smell of freshly cut grass, but that has been marred by the smell of freshly burned gasoline. In fact I had to close my windows during a couple of prime warming hours, so I'll be hearing my furnace run earlier tonight as well.

The activity appears to have wound down now, so perhaps the evening at least will be placid. My yard work will consist of watering a few bushes I haven't gotten to in a while. The leaves on the lilac bush near the fence are getting a bit wilted, so I know it's time for it to be irrigated. I have to stand there for a while to get that one, as my garden hose isn't quite long enough to reach it on its own. The others I'll just leave the hone under for a while, and that can be done in darkness. I just hope I remember to turn the water off once the ground is soaked. I've sometimes fallen asleep at an untimely hour and left the water running all night.

There is a bit of fall color on some of the foliage, but the nights haven't been cold enough for the trees to mount a really good display. That's the trouble with our mild Octobers. Autumn color doesn't reach its peak until November, if even then, and by that time the trees have already shed a big part of their leaves, so the show is usually a bit scanty. Most years, only a few species manage to either make do with the mild nights and turn red in October, or hold on to a large percentage of their leaves long enough to make a big patch of color in the increasingly brown and denuded landscape of November.

The long range forecast is predicting a cooling trend next week, so it looks like our bit of Indy Un-summer* is coming to an end. I'll miss it. It was much more pleasant than the actual summer was. But then maybe we'll get some more rain, and I'd enjoy that as much.