October 14th, 2013



We are having something like Indian Summer. The next week should be mild and sunny, but the nights will continue to be chilly. Any winds, or even stiff breezes, will bring down lots of leaves, so I'm expecting to see the back lawn vanish again. Tonight there are two big wheelie bins full of leaves out at the road verge, waiting to be picked up tomorrow. By next week I'll probably have enough leaves to start filling them again. The next batch will be harder to rake because the recent rains have set the grass to growing. The thicker the lawn gets, the more it resists the rake. The days are going to be a bit warm for raking, so I'll have to do most of it very early in the day.

It's too bad there's no more rain in sight, though, despite the threat it would bring of an even faster-growing lawn. I'd like to see the ground get nicely soaked before there are too many more leaves that will get soaked along with it. I hate raking wet leaves, and I suspect that the next big rain will come just before I've gotten around to raking. Well, maybe I'll get lucky and get them off the ground before that rain arrives. I'm not making any bets, though.