October 8th, 2013

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


The leaves are still clogging the rain gutters, but as no rain has come there is no crisis. Well, there might be a crisis, but it has nothing to do with leaves or rain. It has more to do with me being about to go crazy because of all the automated spam telephone calls I've been getting. I might have to break down and get an answering machine, and I hate answering machines.

But then monitoring all my calls would be about as annoying as answering the telephone only to hear some recorded sales pitch, and having to call people back because I wasn't in the room to hear that it was a real call is more annoying still. There's probably no way to win. I guess I'm doomed to eventually go running through the streets screaming because robocalls have finally pushed me into madness.

As I said, there's been no rain today, and there probably won't be any tonight or tomorrow or the next day, even though the forecast still says there is a ten percent chance. Well, maybe there'll be a bit of mist. That would make up for the lack of rain— for me, at least, if not to the landscape. Plants can't do much with mist. But the lawns are getting pretty green from the previous rains, so maybe they can do without more for now. I do hope we get more this month, though. A dry October is usually a bad sign here.

I've dawdled and forgotten my dinner again, so I guess it will be microwaved burritos. It's a good thing microwave ovens were invented, or my blood sugar would get too low much more often.