October 1st, 2013

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


It turns out that the rain did start to regenerate the sourgrass. Most of the plants have a few green stalks in the middle of the brown mass of dead stalks and leaves. As long as we get a bit more rain every few days, or baring that if I remember to water it a bit, and the temperatures remain mild, the plants will probably recover quite soon. There could be little purple flowers any day now. I like when autumn brings reminders of spring.

Last Sunday I almost bought a pomegranate, but decided not to as I was a bit short of cash. Now I'm wishing I had one. It is a good night for pomegranate, with the air crisp and fresh, and lots of stars shining. The waning crescent moon won't be up for quite a while. I'll probably fall asleep by the time it comes up, as I slept too little last night. I've been dragging for the last hour. A tangy-sweet pomegranate might have helped liven me up. Alas, I have no pomegranate, nor any other fruit save two oranges which I intend to have as breakfasts. I guess I'll have to settle for some of that excess ice cream I've got hanging around.

Right now, in fact, before I start nodding off. Gee, I miss being totally nocturnal.