September 27th, 2013


What a Burn

Someone nearby has lit a fireplace or wood stove and is using stinky wood. The cool night air is full of the smell of foul smoke. That's one of the things I don't like about autumn. If people would use good wood it wouldn't be so bad, but this stuff reeks.

Aside from that it's a pleasant night. The cicadas are fewer now, and mostly distant, so their buzzing is only a background sound instead of the obtrusive screech it was when the nights were warm. The air is cool enough to justify wearing a fuzzy sweater, but not cold enough to demand a jacket. When I go out, the fallen leaves make a pleasing crunch under my feet as I walk. It's almost Octoberish. But then it is almost October.

The chance of rain tomorrow has been increased to 50%, but the chance of rain Sunday has been decreased to 50%. Sadly, they do not add up to a 100% chance of rain. The overall chance stays at 50%. There's nothing I can do to increase the chance, so I'll just wait and hope that the rain shows up at least one of those days. But not while I'm going shopping, of course. The floors in the supermarkets get slippery when they are wet, and I don't like putting away wet groceries.