September 26th, 2013



There's a bit of wind kicking up, and the pines are sighing. The oaks sound like they're snickering at them. Oaks must think pines are too emo. But the pines get to sigh all winter while the leafless oaks are silent, or at most manage to creak a bit. Snicker while you have the chance, oaks. I already have a pile of your dead leaves to get rid of.

The weather was pleasant enough today, but I'm exhausted even though I didn't get much done. My guess is that I'm suffering the consequences of months of poor diet. Now that cooler nights are here I could be cooking more, but so far I haven't had the energy to do so. It's a vicious circle. I might have to break down and buy some ready-made meals with which to jump start myself.

It looks now as though we could be getting more rain by Sunday night, and there's a very high probability of rain on Monday. I could be getting my wish for a rainy fall, but I am a bit worried about the un-patched section of the roof. So far I haven't smelled anything like wet newspaper from the attic, despite two decent storms, but if the rain keeps coming it's only a matter of time until the leaking begins. Well, I'll just have to catch those drips when they come to me.

I'm starting to hear falling acorns smack the rooftops, and I see squirrels out daily. Definitely autumn.