September 23rd, 2013



It's almost dark already, and it isn't yet half past seven. I welcome the night. Even with the remaining cicadas buzzing, it is more peaceful than the glaring day. Tomorrow might glare less, as the clouds are returning, and there might even be rain again. This would please me, though it would mean the falling leaves would get wet and be more unpleasant to rake. If the do get wet, I'll just put the raking off.until they've had time to dry. Of course it might turn into a rainy fall, and the leaves might never get fully dry, but it would be worth it. Even the early onset of weeds would be worth it. I would dearly love a rainy fall.

Lately I haven't been very hungry. I could stand to lose a few pounds, though my pants would all get too loose. Not having to cook so much is another thing that would make something worth it. Plus if I eat less, I'll spend less on food and can then use the money I save to buy new pants. A rainy fall and new pants would be great.

As the day was fairly mild I had the windows open all afternoon, but they are closed now. That helps to diminish the cicada noise. The furnace will undoubtedly come on later, but for now the house is still warm enough without it. I have some cookie-like things that I got for free from Safeway as part of a promotion, and they are very tasty. (I'll probably buy them very rarely because they are also very expensive— like close to ten dollars a pound expensive.) I might make a cup of tea to go with them. They will be an ideal dinner substitute for a night that grows chilly.