September 14th, 2013

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


The moon having gone gibbous, the night is bright enough that a bit of detail is visible— the strew of oak leaves on the back lawn, the pale roses (though not the dark ones), the pine cone that fell from the tree next door this evening and nearly hit my head as I was going to the mailbox. Had the pine cone hit me, I might have had to return to the house to bandage the cut which being smacked on the head by a pine cone usually causes (yes, I have been hit before) and I might have forgotten to go back and pick up the mail and thus would not yet know that my PG&E bill is only a bit over 35 dollars for the month. This is good news, as I was expecting it to be at least 40 bucks. And I guess I have actually had doubly good news, as I didn't get hit on the head by that pine cone. Must have been my lucky day.

Shopping tomorrow. It should be comparatively cool for a change (a mere 81 degrees), so maybe my brain won't be so dysfunctional as to forget something important. I grow ever more impatient with shopping, and it shows in the state of my larder. Too much of some things, too little of others, and other things missing altogether. It would be nice if cooler weather lets me re-balance a bit. But that will take more than luck.