September 13th, 2013

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Last night I was eating ice cream and got carried away. Today I've been dragging around all day because of post-sugar-high crash. I had intended to get some of the leaves raked today, but didn't have the energy for it, not to mention the fact that my left shoulder is still sore. The back yard is looking more and more rustic (or perhaps ratty, depending on one's tastes) with all those dry, brown, oak leaves lying about.

A few walnut leaves are beginning to join them, though so far none of the walnuts have fallen to the ground. I don't think this year's crop is going to be as big as last years, mostly due to my failure to give the tree enough water. I'm pretty sure I'll be able to buy walnuts already shelled for less than I could have bought enough water to get a big crop.

For some reason the thought of the hamburgers I used to buy at a coffee shop on 5th Street in downtown Los Angeles some fifty years ago just popped into my head. Dinner tonight won't be anywhere near as good as those hamburgers were. Too bad I'm not a better cook.

I thought I heard the next door neighbor talking loudly on her cellphone just outside my window, but I looked and nobody was there. I finally discovered that the neighbor over the back fence was talking. I'm at the front of the house, all my windows are still closed, the back of the house over the back fence is more than a hundred feet from the back of my house, and the woman talking was in her front yard! My goodness, what projection! If the roof of my house ever catches on fire I hope she's the one who sees it first!