September 12th, 2013



Now that it has cooled off a little bit I'm sleeping more— probably making up for all the sleep I lost during the heat waves— but still I don't feel well rested. That's partly because my neck has been out of place more than usual, and my left shoulder has been sore. My next appointment for an adjustment is Tuesday, so maybe I'll feel better after that. Still, I have way less energy than I'd like to have.

There's an odd little green insect in my room. It's about a quarter of an inch long from head to lacy wing tips, and its feelers are a bit longer than the body. It has been sitting on my lamp for a few minutes, waving its antennae up and down. Maybe it's trying to pick up a WiFi signal. Its wings are pretty, but its beady little black eyes are a bit disturbing. It clearly belongs outdoors, but is making no attempt to escape. I'd gladly crack the window screen open for it if it would land on it, but it appears content to just sit on the lamp. Weird little bug. It's a lot like me, I guess.

There's half a moon or thereabouts tonight, and the evening air is cool, so I think I'll go out and watch the moonlight through the thinning leaves for a while. I was going to do some raking today but didn't get around to it. I haven't gotten around to replacing the bulb in the back porch light, either, so the moon will have to do all my outdoor lighting for me. But it would be even nicer outside if the cicadas weren't augmenting my tinnitus.