September 6th, 2013



It's very tedious to be busy and to have a computer clog. The machine is probably upset about having been left on all night because I fell asleep before turning it off, and then being left on all day because I forgot to turn it off before going out and after returning, and then fell asleep again for much of the afternoon. The poor thing has been running since early yesterday. It should count its blessings. At least it doesn't have to pay the bill for its own electricity.

The heat was dry today, and my throat feels parched all the time. I've been downing loads of water, but the effect never lasts long. Late summer heat always makes me feel sunburned. It also makes me drowsy. The buzzing cicadas aren't helping me to focus my thoughts. I think I'll just knock off and watch the undemanding television for a while, and give the computer a rest.