August 27th, 2013



Last night I only slept about two hours, then woke up at four o'clock in the morning with the noise of my brain too loud to let me go back to sleep. It's not surprising that I crashed from exhaustion this afternoon and slept another four hours, but still feel short of sleep. Anxiety tells me that my brain will probably start making that noise again soon, so it could be another sleepless night. Anxiety attacks are kind of like having a nightmare while sleepwalking toward a cliff.

Anyway. It got a bit warmer today, and will be on the verge of too hot for the next few days, so that's probably contributing to my discomfort, but it probably isn't all of it. I'm as unrelaxed as I've been in years. I wonder if its something in that HVAC filter I still keep forgetting to clean? I might be poisoning myself with some sort of mold. Whatever it is that's setting me on edge, I want it gone. That would be the next best thing to being able to go somewhere else myself.