August 25th, 2013

caillebotte_man at his window

The More Things Change

The windows remained open until late morning, and I was able to open them again an hour before sunset. Last night I slept under a light blanket and didn't wake up and throw it off. This afternoon there were soft breezes, and great heaps of cumulus clouds were hovering above the mountains, mile after mile as far as I could see. The season has at last moderated, and I forgive its earlier intensity for the sake of this loveliness.

How pleasant it was to water the yard by full afternoon light, and listen to the bees buzz and the woodpeckers chatter. The squirrels playing in the oaks and racing along the fence seemed happy, too. It's not yet time to be gathering nuts, and the mild day was made for their frolic. I am past the age of frolic, but found pleasure in watching theirs. A few more days such as this and I will probably begin to regret summer's passing.

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