August 14th, 2013


Stuff in August

I spent half an hour watering the front yard by the light of the half moon. The dead lawn I left mostly dry, but I soaked all the shrubs and what is left of the smaller plants very well. I've been neglecting the front yard recently, which might have contributed to the apparent demise of the peach tree. Despite a recent deep watering, its leaves remain brown, wilted and crumbly. A few of the spider plants are looking pretty bad, too, and I hope tonights irrigation will help them. The lawn, of course, is beyond help.

I think something has gone haywire with whatever mechanism controls my body temperature. I feel much hotter during the hot parts of the day than I used to, but chill easily when the evening breeze arises, and I feel clammy as well. My very inconsistent sleeping pattern isn't helping, I'm sure. Last night I fell asleep before midnight, woke up just after three o'clock in the morning, then got back to sleep about seven o'clock and woke up for good around ten o'clock. I have no idea what will happen tonight.

We didn't get any smoke from the fire today, so maybe we'll stay lucky and the weather pattern that is sending it toward Reno or Sacramento will hold until the fire is put out. It's still growing right now, though. so it might be with us for some time to come.

The watering delayed my dinner, and Internet has delayed it more. I'd better eat something before I get faint.