August 7th, 2013



To avoid the bother of another belated dinner, I ate my main meal in the afternoon again. This works out much better. As long as I'm waking up so early in the day, it makes more sense to do the heavy cooking while I still have some energy, and then have a lighter meal late at night. That was the way it used to be done in our house on Sunday when I was a kid. Dinner was served in the afternoon, and the lighter supper was served at night. I just have to start thinking of every day as Sunday. Monday will be so pissed off.

After forgetting to water the oleanders for a couple of weeks, I realized that their leaves were turning yellow and most of their flowers had dried up. I watered them late last night, but they don't yet show signs of recovery. I hope I didn't wait too long. Enormous dead oleander bushes would not improve my landscape.

Recently, one of the two sliding metal doors on my garden shed got knocked off its rails and fell into the shed. This evening, when I heard a pair of raccoons fighting, I realized that the shed damage must have been the result of a much more violent raccoon fight a few days ago. I don't know why I didn't make the connection before. The door probably can't be repaired, so now the shed will be perpetually open. My guess is that the raccoons intend to use it as a maternity ward.

There's a 20% chance of thunderstorms tomorrow, but at least it isn't going to be extremely hot. Not unless the forest gets set on fire by a lightning strike, of course. Then it could get up to 600 degrees. If that happens, I'll complain a lot. Unless I'm asphyxiated, of course. We'll see,