July 19th, 2013

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Helter Swelter Redux

I woke too late and dawdled too long and missed taking a shower before the house got too hot. It's nudging eighty degrees in here. Now I'm all sweaty and uncomfortable but will have to wait until early tomorrow to take my shower. There's probably a whole week of warm nights ahead, too, starting tonight, so I still might have to turn the air conditioner on before I can shower and dry off after it. Trying to get dry in a hot room after showering is the pinnacle of summer unpleasantness.

A few weeks ago one of the stores had cheese on sale so I stocked up. I use it mostly for macaroni and cheese, but it's been so hot that I haven't made any for two weeks now. I fear that the cheese will start to go bad before I can use it up. I've been putting it on all sorts of things, but it just isn't going fast enough. Last night I even heaped it atop my microwaved burritos, but that made hardly a dent in the supply. Beware of bargains out of season, I guess.

The sun is getting to the spot where it makes a glare through the window above my computer, even when the drapes are closed. The computer is also making the room hotter, so I'll let it go to sleep now. It's almost that time when it's cooler outdoors than indoors anyway, so I'm going out to water the shady parts of the back yard. Desiccated oak leaves are beginning to fall there. I hope we get at least one or two cool days for raking soon.