July 12th, 2013

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


LJ is going away for maintenance at four o'clock local time, so I ought to get something posted now. I doubt that I'll feel like doing it later. There will be cats to feed and plants to water and dinner to prepare and television to watch and various other tasks and distractions. I had the very strange experience of being on my old sleep schedule for one day. I fell asleep about five o'clock this morning and woke up at one o'clock in the afternoon. That was what I did for years and years. Today it was probably a fluke, though. Sometime tonight an unintentional nap will capture me, and then my schedule will be catawampus again.

Two gypsy moths were recently found in a yard a couple of miles from my house. If any come into my yard there's a good chance the feral cats will eat them, but I should probably keep an eye out for them anyway. I certainly wouldn't want my shade to be devoured by caterpillars.

The rain last week did manage to put some green back into the lawns, but they will soon turn entirely brown again without irrigation. I've decided to irrigate about half the back lawn, and let the front lawn die back. It's going to look like crap, but leaving it dry will at least keep invasive plants like star thistle from growing. I thin k there are a couple of thistles coming up in the back yard near some plants I do irrigate, so I'll have to deal with them right away. They have lots of roots to be dug up. It's probably shady enough back there to do it now.