July 10th, 2013


The Wrong PU

For the last few days I've been smelling skunks every afternoon or evening. Either there's some un-removed road kill nearby, or the skunks are very active these days. Skunks are supposed to be nocturnal, but I've been smelling them as early as four o'clock in the afternoon. Usually, they aren't abroad before dusk unless they are sick or have been disturbed. I wonder if there's some preparation for construction that I haven't heard about going on somewhere in the neighborhood? Eventually there will be some activity going on in the former apple orchard at the end of my block, but I can see most of the property from my front yard and haven't seen anything happening there.

The town bought the orchard a few years ago, and it is slated to eventually become a park. As slowly as things get done here, I don't count on seeing the project completed in my lifetime, but most of the apple trees have already been removed, and maybe they are doing some work in the area that's hidden from my sight by a row of houses along the cross street. I don't know if skunks live in that area or not, but it is a bit brushy and has a number of young pine trees, so it might be a habitable place for them. I think one of my feral cats frequents the old orchard. If he comes back smelling of skunk someday, then I'll know.

I got tired of having my dinner late every night and decided to eat at three o'clock this afternoon. I'll have my lunch (peanut butter and orange marmalade on toast and a can of Tecate) at midnight or so. Maybe midnight beer will put me to sleep, though in this heat I doubt it. The house probably won't cool off until near dawn again, and I napped for an hour this evening, so getting to sleep will be difficult. There's not a cool day in sight, either. The best I can hope for is that the nights will get into the low 60s for a week or so. Can't wait for July to be gone. And I hope it takes the skunks with it.