July 6th, 2013



One good thing about the heat wave is that it seems to have dried up every bit of standing water where mosquitoes could hatch. I haven't been bitten at all this week, though I've been out watering the yard every evening. The water I put on the ground gets sopped up pretty fast, and I change the water in the feral cats' bowls daily, so insects don't have time to hatch in those.

I miss the crickets, though. I do here a couple of them tonight, but they are some distance away. It's been along time since I heard one in my own yard, or the neighboring yards. I wonder if the feral cats are devouring them? So many cats are visiting my yard now that I wouldn't be surprised. Though I'm putting a lot of food out, it probably isn't enough to satisfy all of them— especially since the raccoons also visit every night and eat whatever the cats haven't gotten.

Today there were crows cawing all day long. I thought they might be gathering for a crow war, but if they were I didn't see it. The other birds were scarce, aside from a number of woodpeckers. Perhaps they were intimidated by all the crows. The woodpeckers don't seem to be intimidated by anything.

Even though the heat is much diminished, I still haven't been eating much. I probably just got out of the habit. I'm not out of the habit of drinking beer, though. It's a good thing the stores have 30-packs on sale this week. I'll pick one up tomorrow, along with a couple of big bags of cat food. I'm not sure what else I'll buy, other than a watermelon. I'm not thinking about food any more than I'm eating it, and nothing in the ads struck my fancy. I'll probably just keep microwaving small burritos and heating up cans of beans until I run out of both.

The not-entirely-horrendous weather should continue for the next week or so. It's so nice to have the air conditioner off again, and the windows open all night. Portia likes it too, and is spending hours on one window sill or another, watching the nights pass.