July 2nd, 2013

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

About Heat (What Else?)

If you can really lose weight by sweating, my pants should be falling off so. My sweat is probably contributing to the humidity, too. But I fear that the real sweating will come when I see this month's electric bill. I'll probably become a wraith after that arrives. Even with the thermostat set to 84 degrees, the air conditioner is running more of then than not. About the only consolation is that it is a good five degrees cooler at our elevation than it is down in the valley. I'm not going to watch any news because I fear that it would show the streets of Sacramento littered with the corpses of heat stroke victims.

Right now I'm just waiting for the sun to set so I can go out and water the back yard in the twilight. I got the rose bushes watered last night, and this evening I intend to give the plants along the back fence a good soaking. The oleanders are looking a bit wilted, and the cypress trees are getting some brown spots. I've probably put them off too long already. The sourgrass in the bed along the front of the house could use some water, too, lest it turn entirely brown.

I feel bad for the feral cats who are stuck outdoors. I hope they've found shady spots that aren't stifling. Portia is listless even with the air conditioner on. She probably hates the heat even more than I do. She can't take her coat off.

Tasty cantaloupe, though.