June 30th, 2013

caillebotte_man at his window


There was little traffic in town, but the stores were busy. I think many people were staying in them longer, to take advantage of the free air conditioning. I, as usual, got out as quickly as I could. I'd rather have my hot house to myself than share a cool store with the aimless crowd. But because the crowd was so aimless, quickly was less quick than I'd have liked. Again and again I had to wait for an idle chiller to get out from in front of a shelf where something I wanted was kept. The refrigerated aisles were busiest.

I finally got home with some plums and some peaches and some Valencia oranges, but I forgot the get the mango I intended to buy, and there were no decent melons available at reasonable prices, so I'll be eating more sandwiches than I intended to eat this week. I'm glad the shopping is over, anyway.

The heat does not abate, and Tuesday's forecast high has been increased to 109 degrees, while Thursday is now expected to get up to 106. Hell Week threatens to grow still more Hellish, and it keeps getting longer. I now begin to fear that it might turn into Hell Month. July has never been my favorite time of year, but this July looms like a flock of vultures circling a carcass. I suspect that the carcass might turn out to be mine.

I feel the heat rising from the computer. I want it off now.

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